Would You Accept 42¢ on the Dollar for Your Home?

Replacement cost home insurance promises to replace your lost property at current prices. That’s what you expect. But there's a catch.

To deliver replacement cost, insurers require proof of possession, quality, and condition of your property. Without this proof, they will aggressively depreciate the cash value in a long, drawn-out process. Instead of rebuilding, an inadequate settlement could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars and months to years of your life.

When faced with a major loss, you’re under unimaginable stress and left relying on your memory to document countless items. Do-it-yourself apps and checklists are time-consuming projects and don’t fit your specific needs. But without a home inventory for insurance, you’re at a big disadvantage with your insurer—a huge financial risk. There’s an easy solution that puts you in control.

Virtual Home Inventory Is the Best Service to Document Your Home

VHI provides the proof insurers require to deliver on their promise of replacement cost. What makes VHI unique is it's a digital copy of your home. Our value is we capture both your house and possessions—everything as it is—and deliver a complete visual record.

With a VHI, you can quickly build your claim because you, and your adjustor, can walk through your digital copy and see all your art, collectibles, furniture, electronics, and clothing. You can click the Info Tags on major appliances for their serial numbers and on drawers and cabinets to view the contents. That's VHI’s complete proof.

You’ve invested a great deal of time and thought turning your house into your home. Protect it all and set yourself up to recover with a Virtual Home Inventory.

A VHI Gives You

Better Preparation
Complete visual documentation of your home and property

Better Recovery
A quicker claims process and a proper settlement

Real Peace of Mind
Confidence you’re prepared to prevent a property loss from becoming a financial disaster

Our Clients Love Us!

After seeing firsthand what happens when your home is destroyed, my wife and I were determined to be proactive in making sure our home and contents were well documented. Ken came to our home and, in several hours, put together a complete digital copy and still photo inventory of our home. Outside, inside, and all cabinets and drawers.

Kudos to Ken for his professionalism, timeliness, and thoroughness in giving my wife and I peace of mind. This is a fantastic, reasonably priced service that every homeowner should employ.

Jim Bruce

Bend, Oregon
May 14, 2022

We decided it was time to do a home inventory for insurance as we live always with the possibility of wildfire. We thought we could do it ourselves but found what Ken offered so much more professional and easy to follow. His service offered us everything we wanted and made it such an easy operation; it was well worth the expense.

His finished product was excellent. It will provide evidence of our house and possessions should we need it for insurance purposes after a natural disaster. We were highly pleased with the product and would highly recommend Ken and Virtual Home Inventory.

Cheryl Davidson

Bend, Oregon
May 14, 2022

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Only 42¢ on the Dollar? Watch the video.

How? Ken explains it all in this video. It's the true story of a couple who lost everything in a fire only to learn that their replacement cost insurance didn't live up to its promise.

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Better Preparation
Better Recovery
Real Peace of Mind