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The Best Home Inventory Service

Would You Accept 42¢ on the Dollar for Your Home?

Replacement cost home insurance promises to replace your lost property at current prices. That’s what you expect. But there's a catch.

To deliver replacement cost, insurers require proof of possession, quality, and condition of your property. Without this proof, they will aggressively depreciate the cash value in a long, drawn-out process. Instead of rebuilding, an inadequate settlement could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars and months to years of your life.

When faced with a major loss, you’re under unimaginable stress and left relying on your memory to document countless items. Do-it-yourself apps and checklists are time-consuming projects and don’t fit your specific needs. But without a home inventory for insurance, you’re at a big disadvantage with your insurer—a huge financial risk. There’s an easy solution that puts you in control.