Frequently Asked Questions

We understand the apprehension and difficulty associated with having a service provider enter you home in the time of COVID-19. Fortunately, social distancing is built into our process, and having as few people on site as possible makes for the best result when capturing your Virtual Home Inventory.

VHI’s first priority is protecting the health of our clients and team members. Our professionals follow all CDC guidelines regarding social distancing and mask use. These best practices can be found on the CDC’s website. The CDC also offers tips on Hiring In-Home Services & Repairs that provide sound information on preparing for a service provider’s visit.

A Virtual Home Inventory is a visual record of your home and its contents. Using virtual tour technology similar to Google Maps, we document your entire home so that everything visible to the camera is included in your inventory. In addition, our supplemental Photography Packages deliver close-up, detailed documentation of drawer contents and individual high-value items such as jewelry, art, and antiques. VHI provides a reliable record for estate planning and probate, and provides your insurance adjustor with the information crucial to a settlement, all in one package, should you experience a significant property loss. 

The total fee is based on the size of your home, your choice of package, and any additional services you request. For example, a 1500-square-foot home can be documented starting at $995. A 5000 square-foot home is approximately $3300. Detailed photography of high value items is $300 per hour. 

When faced with a loss, VHI provides security, saves you time, eases your stress, and can be the difference between receiving only a partial reimbursement of your home’s value or a settlement accurately reflecting the full value of your home and possessions. A Virtual Home Inventory prevents your major loss from becoming a financial catastrophe, well worth the minimal investment.


Info Tags appear as highlighted dots on or near individual items as you tour through your VHI. When clicked on, they display details about these objects, such as value and origin, that you provide us. Although not everything warrants an Info Tag, they are extremely useful for items of greater value that don’t need to be individually photographed, such as kitchen appliances, custom furniture, paintings, top-of-the-line audio/video equipment, and designer lighting and fixtures. Info Tags are available with the Preferred and Exclusive Packages.

With our Photography Option, we capture accurate, high-resolution photographs of your high value items. Insurance companies usually require specifically detailed documentation of belongings such as jewelry, art, antiques, firearms, and collectables to determine their value, and often cover them under an additional rider policy. For these heirloom and investment pieces, we photograph the item itself along with its signatures, serial numbers, marks and etchings, and other identifying features to provide you with full proof of possession. 

In the event of a catastrophic loss, property damage, or theft, this detailed level of proof is essential for determining the value of certain items. The Photography Option is available with all our packages.

We do not do appraisals ourselves. Our expertise is documenting your assets, but we can refer you to a professional appraiser if you need their services. 

It’s not as hard as you may be thinking. The goal is to let our cameras capture as much of your house and as many of your possessions as possible, so it’s not necessary to clean, dust, or vacuum. But do take some time to declutter and organize by removing stacks of paper and magazines, putting belongings back in their places, move plants blocking furniture or shelves, and clear any other unnecessary items. Although, we do open cabinet doors to capture the contents inside, you will want to pull out and display any significant items that may be stored in cupboards and closets. Removing nonessential stuff and having everything in its place makes for a clear, easy to navigate home inventory.

If you purchase the Photography Option, there will be some additional preparation of creating lists of items to be photographed. Before our shoot, we will provide you with detailed instructions.

Our time onsite depends on the size of your home, your choice of package, and the options you have selected. It takes approximately 3 - 4 hours to capture the interior and exterior of a 2500-square-foot house. The Basic Package will take a little less time; the Preferred and Exclusive Packages take a little more.

When adding a photography option, our time depends on how many items you need photographed.  We can provide you with a precise estimate when we have your item list. 

Contact us to schedule your VHI.