Preferred Virtual Home Inventory

Welcome to Your Virtual Home Inventory!

Navigation for your VHI is simple. It is built using 360° photos, so each scene is a sphere. Just click and drag anywhere in the scene to look around. Your view will change as you move your cursor. On a mobile device, use your finger to move the scene.

To navigate to the next scene, click on a house icon.

To display photos of contents and other information click or tap on the info icon.

The ribbon of thumbnails at the bottom allow you to jump to any scene in your VHI. Just click or tap the scene you wish to see. On mobile devices this ribbon can appear below the bottom of the screen. Swipe up on any area outside of the VHI to move the display up to see the thumbnails.

Individual photos of contents can be downloaded using a mouse right click on your desktop computer. Or I can send you high resolution copies of all the content photos. Just ask.