de Perrier-Turner Virtual Home Inventory

Welcome to your Virtual Home Inventory

Your Virtual Home Inventory has various ways to move around the digital copy. The primary way to move is to click the white circles on the floor to move to that spot. These spots are the location of the scans used to create your VHI.

To move more efficiently, use the menu in the upper left corner.

    • Rooms - Jump to individual rooms, then use the white circles
    • Tags - Jump to a specific cabinet, closet, or item to view its contents or details.
    • Details – Contact information for VHI.

The menu can be collapsed or hidden using the small arrows at the top and left.

Important Icons

Contents Tag - Click to display the contents of a cabinets or closets, or information about items.


Snapshot - Gives you the ability to capture photos from your VHI. Center the object on your screen and click/tap the icon. A jpg will be downloaded into your Downloads folder. On mobile devices, snapshots are placed in the Downloads folder in the device’s cloud storage.

Share - Used to share your VHI with your adjustor or others involved with your claim. Be sure to give them your password. While it is possible to share your VHI on social media, we don't recommend it for privacy reasons.

Most of the remaining icons along the bottom of your VHI are different ways you can view your VHI. Details about each are located under Help in the lower right corner.

Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.