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Welcome to Your Virtual Home Inventory

Your digital copy includes these navigation tools and options for using your VHI. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Info Tags

Click to access details such as detailed photos of individual items, the insides of cupboards and drawers, appraisals, receipts, and supporting documentation. Info Tag contents are also downloadable in the Photo and File Downloads section of this page.

Inventory Menu
Upper Left

Info Tags
Move to a specific tagged item, such as a kitchen cabinet or artwork, and open Info Tag contents.

Move to a specific room. This is much quicker than walking room to room.

VHI contact information.

Navigation Menu
Bottom Left 

The default method to navigate through your VHI. Simply click on the white circles on the floor to move from one area to the next, just like walking through your house.

Provides a 3D view of your entire home. Click and drag to rotate your house in any direction. Click in the digital copy to move to that location or tag in your house.

A top-down view of the current floor. Hover on an Info Tag to view its information and click on a room or Info Tag to jump to it.

Floor Selector
Move vertically up or down to the floor you select.